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Cotford St Luke

Cotford St Luke now has ultrafast internet

If you currently have fibre broadband it will be so-called Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC), which means a fibre line runs from the exchange to the roadside box and then a copper wire runs from the roadside box to your house. I’m on the fastest FTTC package I can get from my ISP and a get about 50 Mbps downstream.

However, they have now laid full fibre connections in Cotford St Luke, which means you can get Fibre To The Premises (FTTP). You’ll need to be with an ISP that can serve up FTTP but you should be able to 300 – 600 Mbps downstream on this so-called ultrafast broadband. In my case that means it would be 6 – 12 times faster.

It will cost you more of course and there’s a usually a connection fee as you’ll need a new line into your house. As an additional bonus you’ll be able to do away with your landline if you want to and therefore avoid the standing charges.

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